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The Ultimate Regulatory Screening Solution

Knowing your customer is now easy, automatic and ongoing, available 24/7 at the palm of your hand to make educated engagement decisions worldwide. 

AdvanScreen is Regulatory-Technology, KYC (Know your customer) information aggregator engine that clear-checks your client/counterparty’s name against various worldwide sanctions lists (also referred to as “black lists”) and other sources of negative  – and positive – information from Deep Web public sources that are not accessible in a regular Google search.

AdvanScreen can be accessed by its users online 24/7 and can also connect directly to their CRM system (via API connectivity) to perform live clearance checks on your client data-base, either at onboarding or by reverse screening for lists updates.

AdvanScreen allows easy & friendly generation of a Screening Certification that you can simply save, share or print for audit & compliance purposes, either for a single screen or batch. The user can also add his notes to each screening performed (e.g. “Not the same person”, etc) to be shown in the screening certification and in the recorded screening results.

With AdvanScreen, the user can first create their own private lists of designated entities or personals to treat with caution or avoid providing services to, and add them to the due diligence screening engine privately and in a secure manner where the lists are exposed only to their organization’s users, assuring employees compliance to the business’s risk appetite in multi affiliates or branches.

About the regulatory requirement to perform customer screening: 

Financial & other AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulated companies are obligated by state laws to screen their customers against various sanctions lists applicable in each country.

The sanctions lists are all open public information and in most countries you can input the name directly in a search bar and get relevant results on each list owner’s website; In Israel for example the IMOD (Israeli Ministry Of Defense) sanctions lists which all regulated entities/professionals in Israel are required to screen their customer’s against, are published in Excel sheets format that you need to download and manually search each name you wish to screen with no ability for batch or reverse screening.

We provide an end-to-end screening solutions for:

  • Banks & Credit card companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Diamond exchangers
  • Investment managers & Advisors
  • Stock exchange members
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

And for other businesses who are interested in performing background clearance checks to their client, supplier, employee or prospect against the Israeli Ministry Of Defense sanctions lists and many additional global sanctions lists (OFAC, UN, PEP and more).

ADVANSCREEN’s solutions for regulated entities or professionals:

  • The best screening solution against Israel’s Terrorists lists
  • A one stop shop aggregator for additional public sanctions lists in one consolidated search engine.
  • Hundreds of Deep-Web positive information to show up on results (such as Professionals registries or other public state registries).
  • API connectivity On-demand screening directly from the client’s CRM system to clear client name at onboarding and periodic reverse screening.
  • Easy generation of screening certificates for audit and compliance purposes, including adding private text as to matching results or concerns.
  • Easy retention of screening log, comments and documentation.

AdvanScreen’s Premium packages comprise of maximum added value functions such as Adding more sanctions lists and publically published information by demand, including Adding the client’s own lists for screening together with the sanctions lists, API connectivity, User hierarchy and more. We strive to give our customers the best added value wrapped in a modern design and a user friendly system.

ADVANSCREEN’s solutions for all businesses and professionals:

The Ultimate Business Due-Dillinger

  • Business due diligence clearance  – receive real time consolidated information from various sources of public information about prospects, employees, contractors or business partners by either web, mobile or via API connectivity directly to your CRM system.
  • Create and use you own private listof customers that you wish to take caution or avoid engaging with and assure organizational compliance.
  • Perform real time screening on the go, with the mobile app solution, before business meetings or after.

Our Team

Idan Levy, Co-Founder & CEO

A financial Regulation expert, founder of Mitigate Compliance & Risk Management – an Israeli based Compliance consultancy firm. Idan is a certified Israeli lawyer with over 13 years of experience in managerial positions from local & international leading banking institutions.

Oded Merhav, Co-Founder

Experienced internet entrepreneur with a strong business orientation.
Expert in product development, Online marketing, Web analytics and ePayment.
Developed and managed 888.com’s International product devision. The official Israeli partner of lithium.com.

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